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AR Spectacles- Unity 3D App ( Android )

by AppReal Official in on July 11, 2023

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Augmented Reality Spectacles – A Vision of the Future, Today!

Step into the new age of virtual try-ons with our Unity 3D Asset: Augmented Reality Spectacles. Elevate your apps and games by granting users a photo-realistic experience unlike any other. Why settle for average when you can provide:

👓 Photo-Realism: Our asset offers the most true-to-life representation of spectacles, blurring the lines between virtual and reality.

🌐 Seamless Integration: Designed for Unity 3D, our asset integrates smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free developer experience.

🔧 Customizable: Tailor the AR experience to fit your brand’s aesthetics and user preferences.

Fast Performance: Optimized for swift load times without compromising on quality.

🌟 User Engagement: Enhance user interactivity and increase retention rates with an immersive try-on experience.

Transform your user’s experience from mundane to mesmerizing. Choose Augmented Reality Spectacles and watch the virtual become virtually real!

Demo App For Download :

Android APK:

Demo Video 

· Install all required packages. (Refer Below Technical Details)
· Install the AR Spectacle package.
· update models in Assets\Resources -> ProductData.json in the Loading scene.
· download firebase credentials.
· Build and run.
Step-by-Step Unity Package Setup Video Guide
Video Link: page isn’t available.
0:08 Create A Project With a 3D (URP) Template
1:10 Remove the Default Scene
2:30 Import Addressable Package
1:08 Import Project
13:14 Project Setup
14:54 Copy Google Services File
15:25 Get Vuforia License Key
17:50 Taking A Build, For Android APK
27:09 Demo of Complete App
31:06 Admin App Complete Demo
· Phone OTP Login – UI and Firebase auth integration
· Home Menu – UI and functionality
· Category Menu – UI and functionality
· Product Menu – UI and functionality
· AR View – UI and functionality
· Screenshots, view photos
Supported platforms.
· Android
Third-party software licensing is included in the package.

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